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Azad Rifat Fibres (Pvt.) Ltd.

   (finishing Section)


Finishing Unit

Established in                       : 2006
Type of Organization          : 100 % Export oriented Dyeing industry.
Factory Space                       : 1,65,600 Sft.
Employee                              : 480 Person
Production Capacity           : 50,000 Kgs (Daily) Open & Tubular
Kind of production              : 100% Cotton & Ly Sj, CVC-PC Double dyeing.


Machinery Details

Machine Name Brand Origin Qty Capacity
Stenter (6 Chamber) Tube- Tex USA 1Set 10000 kg/day
Stenter (8 Chamber) Icoma-Tex Sain 1Set 16000 kg/day
Stenter (8 Chamber & Double Pader) Lk&LH Taiwan 1Set 16000 kg/day
Stenter (8 Chamber & Double Pader) TTM Turkey 1Set 16000 kg/day
Steam Dryer (6 Chamber) Fong’s China 1Set 12000 kg/day
Compactor (Shoe Type) Open width Tube-Tex USA 1Set 8000 kg/day
Compactor Open width with 9.7M Pin Chain Ferraro Italy 1Set 10000 kg/day
Compactor Open width with 9.7M Pin Chain Lafar Turkey 1Set 10000 kg/day
Compactor (Felt Type) Tubular Lafar Turkey 1Set 8000 kg/day
Compactor (Shoe Type) Tubular Tube-Tex USA 1Set 8000 kg/day
Calendar ( Felt Type) dong Nam South Korea 1Set 6000 kg/day
Sueding / Pitch finish Lamperti Italy 1Set 6000 kg/day
Raising / Brushing Ikuang Taiwan 1Set 4000 kg/day
Tumble Dryer Peacock Taiwan 2Set 160 kg/day
Auto Slitting I.Kuang Taiwan 1Set 6000 kg/day
Auto Slitting & Squeezer IKuang Taiwan 1Set 8000 kg/day
Squeezer Bianco Italy 1Set 12000 kg/day
Air Turning & Auto Folding Hong Chyi Taiwan 1Set 6000 kg/day
Bag Sewing Hong Chyi Taiwan 1Set 4500 kg/day
Bag Sewing MTG Italy 1Set 5000 kg/day


All Over Printing Section


Our Allover Printing Section is equipped with Latest Luxury printing machines imported from Taiwan and Japan. So that our Company can meet up the top quality Buyers requirements.


Machinery Details:

Machine Type Brand Origin    
Flat-Bed Printing Machine 12 Colour 110” Working Width Intoma Taiwan 6000 Kg/day 01 Set
Flat-Bed Printing Machine 10 Colour 90” Working Width Ichinose Japan 6000 Kg/ day 01 Set
Printing Design Engraver (Injector) Dusan China   01 Set
Printing Design Engraver (Injector) Intoma Taiwan   01 Set


Floor Space                   : 20,000 Sq.Ft.

Total Employee            : 126 Persons

Capacity                         : 6 Tons Per day.

Effluent Treatment Plant


Azad Rifat Fibres (Pvt.) Ltd. Commitment to the environment can be gauged from the fact that we seek to meet all the legal norms. Taking for instance the establishment of ETP & WTP because for us, Nothing is more important that the maintenance of pollution- Free environment.


Utility Machinery Details :

Description Capacity Origin Brand  
Gas Generator 900 Kw U.S.A Waukesha 2 Sets
Steam Boiler 4000 kg / hr U.K COCHRAN 1Set
4000 kg / hr South Korea Royal Dalim 1Set
Screw Air Compressor 6m3 /min Turkey Dalgakiran 3Set
6.4m/ Min Turkey Dalgakiran 1Set
4.3m/ Min Turkey Dalgakiran 1Set
5.14 m/ min Taiwan Puma 1Set
ETP(Bio chemical) 100m/hr India ION exchange 1 Set
Equalization Tank, Bio Tower, FMR Tank 1, FT Tank, PH Tank MS lamela, FMR Tank 2, R.C.C Lamela Tank, Polymenr Dosing Tank, Ferrous Sulphate Dosing Tank, Lime Dosing Tank, Centrifuge & Sludge pitAir Blower: 1400 m3/hr, Press: 0.6 Bar, Motor Kw: 30A
Water Treatment Plant (WTP) 90m/hr Local Ever Green 2Sets
  • Power Supply Stand by Gas Generator


Head Office :

Ramarbag, Kutubpur, Fatullah,

Narayanganj-1400, Bangladesh.

Phone                   : +88-02-7641130, 7640031

Fax                        : + 88-02-7640030

Web                      : www.azadcomposite.com

E-mail                  : ingo@azadcomposite.com